"After School" movie screening: Disadvantaged children
In the light of bringing joy to the children from special schools and homes, the Group organized a $2,000 movie outing for 220 children to watch "After School". These children come from Chen Su Lan Home, Katong Special School, YJC Interactors, Clementi Family Service Centre, Jervois Special School, St Anthony's Cannosian and Ling Kwang Youth Centre.
Apr 2004
"Dragon Hunters" movie screening: Children Charities
S$2,500 was sponsored for a cinema hall for Children Charities to attend the Gala Premiere event of the movie "Dragon Hunters". Participating children charities include: Children's Cancer Foundation; Asian Women's Welfare Assocation Headquarters; Beyond Social Services; Children-At-Risk Empowerment Association (CARE); Rainbow Centre; Chen Su Lan Methodist Children's Home; SE CDC Metta Student Care (Bedok); Salvation Army Gracehaven; Sun Beam Place.
Sep 2008
"Home Run" movie screening: Disadvantaged children
Home Run, directed and produced by well-known local celebrity Mr Jack Neo, depicts aspects of communal life back in the 60's Singapore in small villages known as "Kampong". The movie was a poignant reflection of the yesteryears, an excellent opportunity for the older generations to reminisce on "the good old days" and an educational journey back in time for today's youths. Novena Group created the opportunity for 3,000 children from low income families and various homes to watch this touching and thought-provoking movie by sponsoring $15,000 worth of tickets.
Aug 2003
"The Cat in the Hat" movie screening: Disadvantaged children
$5,000 was contributed to Singapore National Olympic Council for organising an Art Exhibition and tickets to watch the movie, "The Cat in the Hat" for children from homes and special schools.
Feb 2004
Anchorvale Community Club
Donations in cash & kind amounted to S$5,300 was made towards Anchorvale Community Club Building Fund-Raising Event.
Jul 2006
Autism Resource Centre
Donations towards Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), Breaking Barriers - a very special walk (AVSW) 2007 which is dedcicated to raise funds for the building of new School at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10.
May 2007
Basketball Association of Singapore
$10,000 was contributed to the Basketball Association of Singapore for the Fund Raising Dinner to promote basketball as a national sport for all Singaporeans.
Jun 2004
Boon Lay Citizens' Consultative Committee: Countdown @ Boon Lay 2007
Sponsorship in cash and kind amounted to S$10,000 was made towards Countdown @ Boon Lay 2007.
Dec 2006
Boon Lay Community Club: CNY celebrations 2003-2007
S$5,000 was contributed every year towards Boon Lay Lunar New Year Celebration Cum Hong Baos Presentation event held in Boon Lay CC where Hong Baos were presented to more than 300 senior citizens aged 70 & above.
Feb 2003-Feb 2007
Bukit Batok Home For the Aged
Sponsored a scrubber/dryer and buffet lunch for the Home and donated 3 bottle of Vina cleaner, 2 bottle of softener & 6 bottle of cream shower.
Jul 2007
Bukit Merah Old Folks Club: "Best of Qing Shan" concert
Sponsored 80 tickets for elderly at Bukit Merah Old Folks Club to watch the "Best of Qing Shan" Concert held on 25 Feb 2007.
Feb 2007
Children's Day event
Donation in the form of children umbrellas amounted to S$5,500 was given to children from The Singapore Buddhist Lodge and various PCF.
Sep 2006
China snowstorm: Relief fund
S$30,000 was donated towards the Relief Fund for China Snowstorm Victims, a fund-raising event initiated by Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry ("SCCCI").
Feb 2008
Chinese Schools to Showcase Past
Exhibition by 20 schools' alumni in Malaysia and Singapore aims to share rich history with students. The main aim is to tell younger Singaporeans about the history of our education system. Novena supported S$2,000 towards this event.
Nov 2008
Community Chest: Charity Adventure
During the Police Week 2004 fund raising event, 3 of our staff participated in the Charity Adventure to support the cause and contributed $8,888 to the Community Chest in aid of its welfare groups. We also sponsored the Police Week 2005 Fundraising Event Charity Adventure. Proceeds from event benefited beneficiaries of Community Chest: the Moral Home Help Service, the SWAMI Home Help Service, the Singapore School for the Deaf and the APSN Centre for Adults.
Mar 2004, May 2005
Community Chest: Singapore Police Force Charity Dinner Show 2007
Sponsorship of S$10,000 to Singapore Police Force Charity Dinner Show 2007. SPF is a strong advocate in raising funds to help the less fortunate in our society. Fund raised will benefit the 4 charities under Community Chest. They are Singapore School for the Deaf (SSD), Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN) Centre for Adults, Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI) Dementia Day Care & Children-At-Risk Empowerment (CARE) Association Uth Power!
Mar 2007
Community Chest: SPF Charity Gala Dinner 2006
S$10,000 was contributed towards Police Week 2006 Charity Event "SPF Charity Gala Dinner 2006". SPF raised more than S$425,000 where it will be given to four beneficiaries under the Community Chest - Singapore School for the Deaf, Association for Persons with Special Needs (Centre for Adults), Children-At-Risk Empowerment (CARE) and SWAMI Dementia Day Care.
Apr 2006
Compass Welfare Foundation
Donations towards Compass Welfare Foundation Limited (CWF) Charity Dinner 2005.
Nov 2005
Concern & Care Society: "Farewell to Loneliness"
Adopted 10 elderly under "Farewell to loneliness - Adopt An Elderly Programme" for a period of 1 year.
Jul 2007
Concern & Care Society: Golden Hits Charity Concert 2003
Novena Group contributed $10,000 towards the "Golden Hits Charity Concert 2003" to fund tickets that were extended free to the elderly from old folks' homes. Also provided sponsorship for Golden Hits Charity Concert 2005. Free tickets will be given away free to the elderly, cancel patients and their families.
Oct 2003, Oct 2005
CSCDD Community Sports Festival
Sponsored S$10,000 in support of the CSCDD Community Sports Festival.
Feb 2008
Geylang East Home for the Aged
S$1,000 was donated to the Geylang East Home for the Aged
Jan 2007
GOAL 2010
The Group contributed $10,000 to FAS (Football Association Singapore) towards efforts in building a stronger professional football team to compete in the world cup.
Aug 2003
Handicaps Welfare Association
S$1,000 was donated to the Handicaps Welfare Association.
Mar 2007
Home United Basketball Club
Donation of S$10,000 was made towards HUBC to help defray their operating expenses and their overseas training trip in Jan 2007.
Dec 2006
Industrial and Services Co-operative Society: "Bag of Hope"
Sponsored S$10,000 to ISCOS "Bag of Hope" for ex-offenders. The bag will provide the ex-offenders with assistance in their first step back to society. The provision in such areas as food vouchers and public transportation subsidies will help each individual to acclimatize to the environment.
Jun 2007
Industrial and Services Co-operative Society: "Pledge of Reintegration"
S$3,000 was donated towards "Pledge of Reintegration" in aid of the Yellow Ribbon Project, to raised funds for their various programmes and services.
Sep 2008
Jalan Kayu Welfare and Education Fund
Donations of S$5,000 to the Welfare and Education Fund (WEF) used to provide financial support to students of needy families, whose combined family income is less than $2,000 per month.
May 2007
Jurong Central Fundraising Golf Tournament
S$10,000 was donated towards Jurong Central Fundraising Golf Tournament. Donations raised will be used to provide scholarship/busary awards to children of Jurong Central residens, welfare aid to the needy in the constituency and for organizing meaningful activities for residents.
Feb 2008
Kampong Chai Chee PCF Charity Event
S$5,000 was donated towards Kampong Chai Chee PCF Charity event where proceeds were used to build a new child care center for 100 children to be operational in first quarter 2009.
Aug 2008
Kidney Dialysis Foundation: Comedy 4 U
Comedy 4 U performed by local artists and guest starring Mr William Hung, the infamous American Idol hopeful, was organized to raise funds for the Kidney Dialysis Foundation (KDF). Novena was the main sponsor in this event and supported $30,000.
Jun 2004
Kong Hiap Memorial Museum
Donations of $20,000 were made to the Kong Hiap Memorial Museum.
Jan 2007
Lions Club of Singapore Royal
The Group made a contribution of $3,000 to the Lions Club of Singapore Royal as part of its fund raising drive to help senior citizens with financial problems.
Apr 2004
Lions Club of Singapore West
S$5,000 was donated towards the Lions Club of Singapore West charity fund raising event to raise fund for the Lions Community Service Foundation Singapore (Lions Foundation). Lions Foundation was registered as a charity in 2003 and its beneficiary charities are the Lions Nursing Home, Lions Befrienders Service Association, scholarships for poor students and hardship cases caused by the loss of income as a result of sudden illness or premature death of the main breadwinner of the family.
Aug 2008
Donated S$10,000 to MILK DINNER 2007, presented by Sincere Watch. Funds raised go directly to the programmes MILK support for the disadvantaged kids.
Sep 2007
Morale Home for the Disabled
Donation of S$5,000 was made towards Morale Home For The Disabled.
Sep 2006
Mother's Day 2004
Love tributes to mothers with 2,000 pillows and 1,500 carnation flowers amounting to $26,000 were distributed at Boon Lay CC, Radin Mas Community Club and selected Novena outlets.
May 2004
Mother's Day 2004
Extending our love tributes to patients from the Kidney Dialysis Foundation and the senior citizens from various old folks' homes, the Group contributed free tickets to "Chinese Classics", a concert at The Esplanade featuring old time local and overseas artistes. The Group sponsored $5,500 worth of tickets.
Mar 2005
Mother's Day 2005
Bringing joy to mothers by giving away 315 pillows, 3,000 carnations & 3,000 Leewah Beauty Gift Sets on Mother's Day.
May 2006
Mother's Day 2006
305 carnations, 305 Beaute Spring Gift Sets & 305 Chest Sets amounting to S$9,600 were given away to mothers and fathers at Radin Mas Community Club.
May 2007
Mother's Day 2007
500 umbrellas, 500 Four Star pillows, & 550 Beaute Spring Mineral Water for Radin Mas Mother's Day Celebration held at Bukit Merah Community Centre.
Jun 2007
Muhammadiyah Welfare Home
Sponsored furniture for Muhammadiyah Welfare Home Counselling Room. Community Service Project of Singapore Management University Students.
Mar 2005
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts: "Pouches of Love" concert
Donated S$2,000 to the NAFA's fund-raising concert "Pouches of Love" held on 27 Feb 2007.
Feb 2007
Nanyang Community Club: Welfare & Education Fund
Donated S$10,000 to the Nanyang CCC Welfare & Education Fund.
Sep 2007
National Arts Council
Donations to Singapore Dance Theatre Legacy of Goh Choo San Gala Performance.
Sep 2007
National Crime Prevention Council
NCPC is a non-profit organization committed to promote public awareness and concern about crime and to propagate the concept of self-help in crime prevention. It is incorporated as a charity and depends entirely on donations and sponsorships to run its programmes and activities. Novena sponsored S$2,000 towards part of NCPC fund-raising activity.
Dec 2008
National Day 2003 Charity Drive
2,000 pillows amounting to a total of $25,000 were given away free to senior citizens above 50 years old.
Aug 2003
National Fire Prevention Council: Charity Golf Tournament 2007
Donation towards NFPC Charity Golf Tournament 2007 Fund raised will be used for public education on fire safety awareness and prevention.
May 2007
National Heritage Fund
Donations in support of special exhibiton - 'On the Nalanda Trail: Buddhism in India, China and South East Asia'. Its a cross-border exhibition mapping the spread of Buddhism from India - especially Nalanda to China and Southeast Asia would underline the Asian region's strong connections and ties in history, which parallel the strength of relations today.
Oct 2007
PA SCECs Coordinating Council
Donations worth S$20,000 to the "Senior Support Groups" programme. A participation loyalty scheme to encourage the seniors to join in the activities being planned for them. Including regular exercises to keep them physically active and healty; games, outings and get-together sessions to meet friends; and talks on matters concerning them such as home safety and nutrition.
Jul 2007
PAP Community Foundation: Charity Walkathon 2005
S$5,000 was donated to the PAP Chai Chee branch to support the Meet-the-People sessions, PCF Kindergardens, Women's Wing and the Young PAP.
Jan 2007
PAP Community Foundation: Charity Walkathon 2005
Sponsor 10,050 Beaute Spring products - Nozomi's travel size shampoo, conditioner & body soap, $100 Novena Group furniture product vouchers (w/minimum purchase) for PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Charity Walkathon 2005. Fund raised will be used to support selected voluntary welfare organisations and students with financial difficulties.
May 2005
PAP Community Foundation: Project Love
Donations of S$30,000 was made towards "Project Love", launched by PM Lee. Project Love is a heartwarming project exemplifying how the youths can give back to society by helping the old, poor and needy families.
Oct 2006
President's Challenge 2003
The Group supported the President's Challenge 2003 through the purchase of 4,000 specially designed tile gift packs at $5 each, totaling $20,000. These gift packs were presented to customers who in turn contributed any amount they wished. The packs were also made available for sale at $5 per piece. All proceeds were contributed to the President's Challenge 2003.
Aug 2003
President's Challenge 2004: Hearts in Harmony
Organised by the Singapore Police Force, a 50 hour marathon concert, "Hearts in Harmony" at the Orchard Green was held as part of the President's Challenge 2004 to raise funds for the Community Chest, Rainbow Centre, the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped, the Singapore Association for the Deaf and the Singapore Action Group of Elders Counselling Centre. The Group contributed $20,000 to this event.
Jul 2004
President's Challenge 2004: zPop Concert
Organised by Lianhe Zaobao, the largest outdoor Chinese pop performance in Singapore held at the Padang aimed to raise funds for the President's Challenge 2004 benefiting 45 charitable organisations appointed by President S R Nathan. The Group contributed $20,000 to this event.
Jul 2004
President's Challenge 2006: Project Lighthouse
S$5,000 was contributed to President's Challenge 2006 fund-raising event, Project Lighthouse presented by the SAF Yacht Club in aid of Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre. Proceeds will benefit Ren Ci's patients through public outreach initiatives which include public education and volunteer programmes. The SAF Yacht Club has approached Southeast Community Development Council (SECDC) to match every dollar for dollar raised through this event to achieve the fundraising target.
Oct 2006
President's Challenge 2006: zPop Concert
S$40,000 was contributed to ZPOP Charity Concert 2006 in support of President's Challenge organized by Lianhe Zaobao. ZPOP is part of President's Challenge Fund-Raising Event and net proceeds of the tickets will go towards helping 49 beneficiaries.
Jun 2006
President's Challenge 2007
Sponsored S$20,000 to the Youth Talent Concert 2007 organised by The Chinese Newspapers Division of Singapore Press Holdings in support of President's Challenge 2007.
Jul 2007
President's Challenge: Police Week Basketball 3's
Donation of S$10,000 towards Singapore Police Force 24 Hours 3-on-3 basketball tournament "Police Week Basketball 3's" in support of President's Challenge 2007.
Jun 2007
Radin Mas Community Centre: Community Day and constituency event
Over S$5,000 worth of products was contributed to the Radin Mas Community Center, in support of the Radin Mas Community Day 2007. Also, 357 movie tickets for the movie "Curse of the Golden Flower" were given away to the elderly to watch the movie at Golden Village Tiong Bahru on 14 Jan 07. Buffet lunch was also arranged after the movie at Radin Mas Community Center.
Jan 2007
Radin Mas Community Club: Charity Nite 2006
Sponsorship towards Charity Nite 2006, a singing concert organized by Best World Lifestyle Pte Ltd with Compass Welfare Foundation (CWF) and Radin Mas CCC. All proceeds from the event will go to CWF and Radin Mas CCC in aid of the needy elderly.
Jun 2006
Radin Mas Community Club: Fundraising project
Sponsored S$10,000 to the Radin Mas CCMC Fundraising Project, 3 Days 2 Night Weekend Getaway on Superstar Virgo.
Jul 2007
Radin Mas Oldies Nite
Novena contributed $30,000 towards organizing a concert for 1,400 senior citizens from Radin Mas GRC.
Jul 2008
Ren Ci Charity Dinner
Sponsor 3 tables at $800 each for Ren Ci Charity Dinner 30 Oct 2005 and invites elderly from Aljunied Kembagan zone to attend.
Oct 2005
SARS: Relief package for taxi drivers
The spreading of SARS had adversely affected each and every one of us in many ways, including most businesses and sole proprietors. Taxi drivers were amongst those worse hit. It was common to hear taxi drivers complain that they barely made enough within a day to buy feed their families. Our CEO had on one particular occasion spoken to one such driver and realised the need for drastic assistance. His compassion for the troubled and needy inspired the Group to launch this charity drive. Staff from all levels rolled up their sleeves and participated actively in this exercise. 2,000 grocery bags worth about $15 each comprising basic daily necessities were packed and distributed to taxi drivers. Items in the pack included 5kg of rice, 1kg of sugar, 1kg of oil, 15 packets of instant noodles, 1 packets of biscuits and a cake. We hope that our little drive brought some ease and a little happiness to the 2,000 recipients. Novena committed a total of $38,000 to this cause.
May 2003
Sengkang West Community Club: Welfare and Education Fund
Donation of S$5,000 was made towards Sengkang West CCC Welfare & Education Fund.
Sep 2006
Sichuan earthquake: Charity Show
Apart from S$60,000 in donations, Novena contributed time and effort in organizing the Charity Show which was telecast on 25 May 2008 on channel 8 and repeated on 1 June 2008. A total of S$10,249,954 was raised and the funds will be used for children's education and welfare.
Jun 2008
Sichuan earthquakes: "The Children's Tomorrow"
S$2,000 was contributed towards "The Children's Tomorrow", a human-interest centric documentary which provide insight into the lives of children who have experienced great trauma, the 512 Sichuan Earthquake. The documentary mainly focus on the positive aspects of how children are resilient and have overcome physical/mental/emotional difficulties. It portray more on the recovery and rebuilding process that are ongoing as well as the outcomes of these efforts.
Sep 2008
Singapore Buddhist Lodge Welfare Foundation
Donations towards 60th Anniversary of Hongbao donation for 2008. Hongbao distribution at the Singapore Buddhist Lodge began in 1949. In the earliest beginnings, it was to assist poverty-stricken members at the Buddhist Lodge to meet escalation of inflation during the Chinese New Year period. In recent times, help is extended to the handicapped and elderly in the community, regardless of race and religion.
Nov 2007
Singapore Chinese Orchestra
Donation for Singapore Chinese Orchestra Fundraising Dinnner & Concert 2005.
Aug 2005
Singapore Dance Theatre
Sponsorship of $10,000 to Singapore Dance Theatre fund-raising event's gala performance of reminiscing the moon.
Aug 2005
Singapore Heart Foundation
$10,000 was contributed to organising the "Fei Yu Qing Charity Concert 2004" in support of the Singapore Heart Foundation's fund raising event.
Jul 2004
Singapore Red Cross Society: Tsunami disaster response
Contribute $25,000 in support of Singapore Red Cross Society's efforts in response to the Asian Tsunami Disaster.
Jan 2005
Singapore Symphonia Company
Purchased 2 booklets of Charity Draw Ticket ($1,000) to support the SSO Fund raising. The Charity Draw serves to raise the much needed funds to put the orchestra on tour to the United States, France and Spain.
Feb 2005
Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution
S$3,000 was donated to the Singapore Thong Chai Medical Institution.
Jan 2007
Sree Narayana Mission Home for the Aged Sick
Sponsorship to the Sree Narayana Mission Home For the Aged Sick fund raising project for the Home.
Jun 2007
Tampines East Community Club: Arts Fund CD Project
Sponsor for Tampines East Arts Fund Compact Disc (Arts Fund CD) Project. This project was conceived to help raise funds to support the arts and cultural groups under Tampines East Community Club.
Apr 2005
Teck Ghee Community Club: Welfare and Education Fund
Donated S$50,000 to Teck Ghee Welfare and Education Fund.
Nov 2007
The Outstanding Young Persons of Singapore Award 2007
Sponsored S$5,000 to the TOYP Award Gala Dinner on 26 April 2007.
Apr 2007
Tribute to samsui women: CNY celebrations
As a tribute to the contributions made by the samsui women during the early days of Singapore and spreading the joy and cheer of the festive season, the Group sponsored a dinner event and red packet giveaway to each and every one, amounting to $6,000.
Feb 2004
Ulu Pandan 43rd National Day Celebrations
S$5,000 was contributed towards Ulu Pandan 43rd National Day Activity Fund.
Jul 2008
Victoria Junior College
Donations of S$2,000 was made towards Victoria Junior College's 25th Anniversary to raise funds to give financial assistance to needy students and upgrade existing nonstandard infra-structure in the college to further enhance their capacity to provide an all-round education to their students.
Oct 2008
YMCA of Singapore
Sponsor for YMCA Charity Golf 2005, an annual event to raise funds for the various Community Service Programmes with the focus to help youth-at-risk, disadvantaged youths, students and children from low-income families and families in crisis.
May 2005

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